Matthew Oliver – A Hidden Gem in Italy

Bonjorno my lovelies! I hope you’re all well and recovered from all the food and drink you ate and drank during the Christmas and New Year break?

This should help you help relax you for a few minutes, or it could just make you scream because you want to go away right NOW!

I was introduced to this new villa yesterday via email when they sent me all their details; most of the time I tend to put these emails away in a folder, but this one reached out to me and made me write this post, because it deserves a share and a mention!

Villa Lario, is located on Lake Como, Italy. It’s a newly renovated historical property and offers a magical setting for weddings and peaceful getaways.

They can cater up to 150 guests for weddings with the possibility to have 18 adults and 4 children stay within the Villa during this time. Or if you want to use it as a break they have plenty of choices of rooms to choose from.

Their words…

“When classical Italian architecture meets modern standards of luxury, a unique harmony is created. It is that same vision that governed the creation of this exclusive estate:

From the mineral greys of the stones to the metallic colours of the lake, from the private pontoon to the infinity pool, from the exclusive comfort of your Suite to the authentic taste of Italian cuisine, from the one of a kind view on the lake to all the little details that ensure a genuine experience of Lake Como, with a twist of glamour, from your first moment to the last minute of your stay.”

And here is why I love it…